Fire Damage Control

What is fire damage control

Fire restoration can be quite an involved process. The smoke from a fire has the potential to infiltrate every crevice of your home and affect areas you can’t even see. Therefore, it best serves your needs to obtain the services of a fire damage remediation service to ensure that more than just the superficial cosmetic damage is cleaned up.

However, until the experts arrive, here is what you can do to help the process along fire restrotion.


•    -Ensure that your hands are clean at all times so that you do not add further damage to an already affected area.
•    -Lay old towels and rags over carpeted areas to help prevent any soot not already affecting the area from becoming a problem.
•    -Tape double-layered cheesecloth over air registers, to help filter the soot and ensure it does not get circulated throughout the given space.
•    -Clean all chrome with a light coat of Vaseline or oil.
•    -Wash both sides of the leaves of household plants.
•    -Change HVAC filters.

Some necessary steps of fire damage control

•    -Clean electric appliances.
•    -Use canned or packaged goods that may have been stored near the heat of the fire.
•    -Turn on ceiling fans.
•    -Send your clothes to any dry-cleaner (this may cause the smoke smell to set in).
•    -Walk around carpeted areas where you will permanently press and embed the soot into your carpet or flooring.

The above instructions are very important for fire control.